News 11/2015: New releases are soon to be released by Total Death Records: Mandrosys - Debut CD and Chotzä - Second album CD 05/2015: BEASTHRONE(USA) / WARGOATCULT(Spain)  Split 7" EP  is out and available now! UGLY BEASTIAL WAR / BLACK METAL ATTACK from both bands!!!! WAR METAL BLOOD CULT!!!!!!!!!! Limited to 300 copies!!!!! 05/2015: Thorgerd - “Cold empire of souls” - CD is out and available now!!!!!!! 03/2015: New Waffenträger Luzifers - T-Shirt out and available now!!!!!!! 10/2014: Thorgerd (Old School Norwegian Black Metal from Italy) have signed for Total Death Records!!!!!!!!!!! CD-debut fullength go out in winter/spring 2014/2015!!!!!! Song from debut: [1] OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTION BY TOTAL DEATH REC.!!!!!!! PROSATANOS(Ger) - "Sounds Of War" CD (Nyarlatothep Rec.) !!! This Old School Thrashing Black Metal Grenade from 2003 (Originally released as limited edition Demo CD-150 copies-by Total Death Rec.) has been reborn in 2014 to wreck your neck AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!!!!If you want to be one of 1000 CHRISTCRUSHING BASTARDS-Be Quick Or Be Dead!!!!