Releases TDR-011: BEASTHRONE(USA) / WARGOATCULT(Spain)  Split 7" EP UGLY BEASTIAL WAR / BLACK METAL ATTACK from both bands!!!! WAR METAL BLOOD CULT!!!!!!!!!! Limited to 300 copies!!!!! TDR-010: THORGERD (IT) “Cold empire of souls” - CD available TDR-009:WAFFENTRÄGER LUZIFERS(Ger)/MUERT(Spain)/NECROGOAT(Ger) "Satanic Brotherhood" 3 Way Split CD - available TDR-008:AKERBELTZ(ESP)/WAFFENTRÄGER LUZIFERS(GER)/NEBRUS (IT) "Slaughtered Whores Of Satan" 3 Way Split- CD - SOLD OUT! TDR-007:REDREOM(Ger)/STYXIAN INDUSTRIES(Nl)- "Der Befehl lautet:Toete/Manifestation-Exaltation-Revelation"CD - SOLD OUT! TDR-006:Waffenträger Luzifers/Black Angel-Satan Is Power-Split CD - SOLD OUT! TDR-005:Prosatanos/Smoke-In Hate And Blasphemy-Split CD - SOLD OUT! TDR-004:Waffenträger Luzifers/Heretic-Blasphemic Hymns For The Horned One-Split CD - Sold Out! TDR-003:Waffenträger Luzifers/Redreom/Prosatanos - “Pure Black Metal Holocaust” - Split CD - Sold Out! TDR-002:Fatal Prophecy-End Of Jesus Christ-Demo CD'R - Sold Out! TDR-001:Prosatanos-Sounds Of War-Demo CD'R - Sold Out!